Uncooperative drones

98% of sighted drones violating the law can be attributed to the consumer segment. Only 4% of all illegal drone flights are even noticed.

We help to detect uncooperative drones.

Mobile drone detection

Our mobile solution warns of uncooperative drones on the ground, on the water, and also on board aircraft.

Easy to handle

If your protection area cannot be defined at a fixed location and you need to be mobile, then our transportable solution is here for you.


Uncooperative drones fly even when the sun isn't shining. It's good when you can rely on robust detection.

Data security

All detected targets are clearly classified and stored securely - for later evaluation.


Our detector can identify uncooperative drones up to 4 kilometers away. Manufacturer and type are also recognized.

Endurance and weight

Long working days on the road or in the air? Our detection solution weighs just 2.150 grams and lasts a whole day without re-charge.

Adaptable Interface

Our mobile detection solution can be adapted to your individual interface needs (e.g. an app or even your certified flight systems in the cockpit).

Operating principle

Cleardrone's mobile drone detection is based on radio data analysis and intelligent frequency pattern recognition. A neural algorithm checks the various radio frequencies several times a second and compares the detected signals with the known "fingerprints" of the individual drone types and manufacturers. If such a signal is detected, the detector analyzes the reception strength of the transmission signal from the drone and/or remote control and uses this to calculate the distance. The model data of the drone are also recognized and, if desired, output via the interface.

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drones in Europe


illegial flights per year


illegal intrusions


provoked derogations

Mobile drone detection

Cleardrone's detection solutions are mobile: on land, on water, and in the air. For every use, wherever and when you need them!



Cleardrone's detection devices are mobile.

Easy to use

Take the mobile detector to any place and you are automatically protected.

Use in aviation

We offer the detector in variants that are matched to certified on-board systems.

Detector + app

For the detector we offer a warning app that immediately alerts you via a smart device whenever a drone is detected.

Interface design

We offer different interface versions for our detector, which can be connected to a large number of existing applications - even certified cockpit systems.


Your safety from uncooperative drones at a glance. We look forward to giving you a detailed understanding of our system approach.


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With our know-how and expertise, we protect against uncooperative drones.

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